Stay Bee

Secure income through honey and wax

By keeping bees, small farmers in the poorest regions of East Africa can generate long-term income. In our Stay Bee program you will receive specialist knowledge, training material and equipment. And with a program partner you have the direct prospect of finding a buyer for honey and wax.


What makes the beekeeping in East Africa so promising?

Honey is becoming increasingly popular in Uganda, especially in the cities it is in high demand. The climate is also favourable. Even where other types of agriculture are hardly possible, bees can still be kept.

The social enterprise Golden Bees from Uganda has a lot of experience in beekeeping and has already trained thousands of small farmers. Golden Bees is a member of the Stay Alliance. There, the members have standardised the proven concept of Golden Bees – and made other social enterprises accessible. This allows them to offer many more training together.

Out of poverty with beekeeping


The experiences of Golden Bees show that the small farmers: women can significantly increase their income through the production of honey and wax – some even double. Like Jasper Elong: Jasper was one of the 121 participants in the 2020 pilot project. He is convinced: “I have now seen that beekeeping is very good. That’s why I’ll continue with it.”

In the Stay Bee training, training participants are imparted knowledge and training material and the important protective equipment is provided. Even after the training courses, employees of the educational social enterprises visit the small farmers: who helped them. In addition, an exchange of experiences takes place in group meetings. And finally, they receive help in marketing the honey – so that their harvest becomes an income.

Stay Bee in numbers



Small farmers have already been trained in the Stay Bee program


This is the maximum number of bee boxes the newly trained beekeepers can build



Local social entrepreneurs run the program and train the beekeepers



The training includes:

  • Protective gear
  • Beehive and tools
  • Training
  • Mentoring, support including travel costs, savings group and repayment

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