Stay Seed

Help African small farmers to higher grain harvest

With the Stay Seed programme, you provide African small farmers with everything they need to harvest more vital cereals: specialist knowledge, seeds and professional coaching. This will help you to promote food security in the region.


Agriculture is the predominant source of income in Africa. But many of the small farming families harvest much less than they could. In times of a lack of grain imports on the markets, bread is scarce. The Stay Seed program helps: Ugandan small farmers receive high-quality seeds and instructions for sowing, crop change, harvesting, drying, storage and much more.

The idea goes back to the Ugandan social entrepreneur Justine Mukazungu and her start-up Stina Foods: Justine has been training farmers for years: women in grain cultivation and makes them suppliers: her baby porridge production.

She supplies her nutritious baby porridge to hospitals, children’s homes and supermarkets around the country. For this, it relies on a productive cereal harvest in her home country.

Many other Ugandan organizations have joined forces in Stay Seed and train hundreds of small farms: in several regions of Uganda.

Three days training in grain cultivation, a lasting better life


The typical small farms: in Uganda cultivate about two hectares of their own land. They participate in the Stay Seed program to increase their yields and settle more in the markets. This is how Stay Seed works step by step:

Professional training in grain cultivation. The small farmers: learn how to optimally grow, water, harvest, thresh, dry and store the cereals. Rich illustrated training material helps with this

High quality seed is one of the most important requirements for a rich harvest. In the Stay Seed program, we supply small farmers: with seeds for soybeans, millet, beans and corn. As in the picture, many of them receive pure seeds for the first time

Rich harvest for the poorest families: The evaluation of our first training cycles shows that families harvest an average of 370 kg more and increase their incomes by up to 100%.

Ready to sell. The final product baby porridge is ready and is sold in many supermarkets in Uganda. Through the sales, the small farmers achieve lasting incomes and can afford, for example, school attending their children.

Every training in Stay Seed costs us 122 €. To this end, we can equip every participant with high-quality seeds and teaching materials. We also support the exchange between the school-based organisations (learning viscop) so that they can learn from each other. Important: Even after the training, the small farmers remain in contact with their trainers.

I learned how productive my land can be for grain.


Lillian Scovia attended the cereal training. She used to work with her parents and younger siblings in the field instead of going to school. But now the now 20-year-old can harvest much more – and enable their siblings to do school.

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