Stay Tree

Good for climate and small farmers

With this program, we are doing something for the climate and for Ugandan small farms: we teach them how to plant trees and thus increase their income. Because trees renaturalise soils and form a fertile basis for rapidly growing peanuts and beans that can be sold well in the markets.


This makes small farmers climate protectionists: it starts with school. Plant seedlings are used in five newly created nurseries. And the small farmers who we train in plant cultivation also have to go to school. The training courses are conducted by four Ugandan partner organisations, all of which are united in the LATEK Stay Alliance association. The Stay Alliance coordinates the programm.

In the programme we issue seedlings to the participating farmers. But they don’t just plant trees: they grow fast-growing nuts or vegetables between the rows of trees, especially peanuts and beans. They promise income and sales on the markets soon. In the long term, farmers also cut wood as a renewable raw material.

Sustainability to the power of three


We strive not only for short-term success, but for lasting improvements. The program has a triple lasting impact:

  • Trees against climate change
  • Renaturalized soils for renewable resources such as trees and vegetables
  • Reliable surplus income for families, giving them scope for better healthcare and education for their children

In the Stay Bee training, training participants are imparted knowledge and training material and the important protective equipment is provided. Even after the training courses, employees of the educational social enterprises visit the small farmers: who helped them. In addition, an exchange of experiences takes place in group meetings. And finally, they receive help in marketing the honey – so that their harvest becomes an income.

Stay Trees in numbers



local partner organizations implement the program and guarantee local roots


Small farmers have already been trained in the Stay Bee program


Our program partner Fairventures brings this number of hectares of experience . They have already reforested that much



Strong partners guarantee the success of Stay Tree

For this program, our friends from Fairventures Worldwide contribute a lot of experience. Fairventures has already reforested almost 1700 hectares of forest in large-scale projects in the tropics. With the partner organizations of the LATEK Stay Alliance Uganda, local social entrepreneurs are on board that know the needs of the people in their home country and speak their language – literally.

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